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21 Oct

Set realistic and achievable goals so you feel rewarded.

Make it fun, if you repeat the same thing day in, day out you’ll get bored very quickly!

Train with friends and make it a more sociable experience.

Reward yourself from time to time. Gone for a big bike ride or run on Sunday? Have a small sweet treat.

20 Oct

Boot Camps!

We run group boot camp sessions from Henton on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Get in touch to find out more and join in the fun!

19 Oct

Eating healthily is not more or less expensive than eating unhealthily now, but think about which lifestyle choice will rack up the health care bills later down the line!

17 Oct

This is one of my favourite exercises! It works predominantly your core muscles but you also need to engage your legs to lift them up off the ground and your arms also to hold a dumbbell or kettlebell up in front of you.

Sit on the floor or a mat with your legs stretched out in front of you. Pick up the dumbbell / kettlebell and hold it above your waist while in the seated position. Raise your feet about 6 inches off the floor and proceed to perform a twisting motion with your upper body so you end up touching the ground either side you with the weight. Perform 20-30 reps about 2-3 times with a 30 second rest in between.

15 Oct

Exercise and training doesn’t have to mean getting up early before dawn, rushing to the gym and training for an hour or longer! It can be anything from as simple and relaxing as walking to your local park, a light jog or even playing with your kids or dog! Anything is better than nothing, there isn’t an excuse not to move!

13 Oct

You may think that purchasing all the latest equipment like space age gelled shoes and specially insulated yet breathable tops may give you a big advantage, but there’s not much else you could really achieve wearing those than say a comfy pair of flat running shoes and a baggy old t-shirt. It’s only up to you and your body of what you can really achieve!

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