Tips for running beginners

If you are new to running or are currently thinking about taking it up as a hobby or part of a healthy and active lifestyle – Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to give you the best start. It is really important that you get proper running shoes, ones that add support […]

Running in the cold

Here are a few tips to help you endure the approaching Winter months if you’re still determined to run outside! (Good for you) Always run with a friend, this will help keep you motivated and a good conversation can be a good distraction from the blistering winds and rain. Try not to wear shoes that […]

Go for a run in the rain every now and again

It may seem like one of the most dreaded things imaginable, however there are known benefits to going for a job while the skies have opened up. Rain acts as a natural air conditioner which helps keep your body temperature down, allowing you to perform harder, this is because your body isn’t working as hard […]