Running in the cold

Here are a few tips to help you endure the approaching Winter months if you’re still determined to run outside! (Good for you)

Always run with a friend, this will help keep you motivated and a good conversation can be a good distraction from the blistering winds and rain. Try not to wear shoes that are mesh and let moisture in as your feet are extremities and they’ll get cold first, ruining the whole experience. Layer up but not to the point of sweating after a few strides under your clothes! You should feel cool to start but soon warm up after a few minutes, try and dress 20 degrees warmer. Warm up inside before you go out and start! Go up and down the stairs a few times, do some jogging on the spot or even chase your dog around! When you start a run, it will be easier to go against the wind, as when you run back you’ll be sweating and it won’t feel as hard with the wind at your back pushing you along.