Super Sprints!

Sprinting is a fantastic form of exercise that works pretty much your entire body! Using your arms and legs to force yourself forward as fast as you can to gain as much speed as possible. As a form of cardio, try mixing some sprinterval training into your workouts – 30 seconds of sprinting, 1.5 minutes […]

Running in the cold

Here are a few tips to help you endure the approaching Winter months if you’re still determined to run outside! (Good for you) Always run with a friend, this will help keep you motivated and a good conversation can be a good distraction from the blistering winds and rain. Try not to wear shoes that […]

Go for a run in the rain every now and again

It may seem like one of the most dreaded things imaginable, however there are known benefits to going for a job while the skies have opened up. Rain acts as a natural air conditioner which helps keep your body temperature down, allowing you to perform harder, this is because your body isn’t working as hard […]