Healthy holiday eating

You may think that being on holiday means it’s all okay to overeat and that when as soon as you land back in the cold and miserable weather of Britain that you’ll slip back into your healthy eating and training habits without any repercussions from the endless feasts and drinks you consumed over the week or two of sun bathing! You may be surprised to hear that’s false, but luckily here are some tips to help keep control of your caloric intake.

After your first serving of a meal, just wait 5 minutes as it takes a while for your stomach to send a signal to your brain informing you that you’re full. If you’re going out to a big meal or event with lots of food, perhaps have a pre party snack with a healthy mix of good carbs and fats such as peanut butter, an apple and some wholemeal pita bread. Take a little wander around the buffet table before diving straight in, from there you can devise a well structured plate of all the good macros to ensure you’re getting a reasonably good mix!