Do You Work Your Transverse Abdominis?

No, you do not work these from just doing your ordinary sit ups. In fact why would you be doing sit ups in your training routine anyway? Yes it is a ‘core’ exercise however it is only working your abdominals in one plane of movement and this is not functional. Just think how often in your everyday life do you create this movement, maybe once when you get out of bed…… why do we do it in training. Ideally we should be working our core in a transverse plane (more of a twisting movement), as this is a movement we replicate multiple times in our everyday life; from putting the shopping away to picking something up off the floor. If we are not training in a transverse plane of movement then it is almost impossible to work your transverse abdominis. Our transverse abdominis are muscles that helps to compress the ribs and viscera, providing thoracic and pelvic stability, meaning that these are crucial in supporting your lower back. And people wonder why so many people have bad backs………for more information and exercises to strengthen your transverse abdominis then please call us on 07500774546.