Case Study/Testimonial from Francesca Gleed – Managing Director for Sandcastle Nursery

Sept 15

Just a thank you to the professional and supportive personal training services provided by WhiteWay Fitness.

I first met Tom 3yrs ago when I was approached by a group of mums at my daughter’s school who wanted to establish a personal training group rather than a one on one programme.

I had been out of a regular exercise regime for a number of years whilst juggling raising my two young children and running my own business.

After some thought I decided that this was just what I needed to not only improve my fitness levels but to regain a sculptured physique that I had so dearly missed!!

Tom demonstrated from the first phone call through to meeting me at our first fitness session a really professional and non-judgemental approach to my current fitness, stamina, ability.

My goal was to reduce my weight by 2 stone, improve my overall physical fitness and tone in specific areas that I was particularly conscious of; thighs, buttocks and stomach. Tom set a smart realistic programme, after an initial assessment of my capabilities and discussion of what I wanted to achieve.

I first started working out with Tom once a week, and on occasion twice a week attending a boot camp outdoor session at the weekend, they really pushed me and the physical challenges gave me a great sense of personal achievement.

At the beginning I found myself incredibly nervous and anxious about the high energy impact class that I was embarking on, unsure of the challenges ahead, and most certainly not wanting to look incapable of being able to completing any tasks asked of me!! Tom at all times gave praise and recognition for the hard work and effort being applied in his class, this was both encouraging and motivating.

Tom’s sessions consist of a diversity of exercises, both weight-training, aerobic and boxing to name but a few, incorporating new exercises on a regular basis to avoid monotony.

Tom not only gave us reassurance but also demonstrated great ability to differentiate his class exercises and training methods to meet our individual needs of the girls within the group, but also tailored to those particular areas most needed!! Tom did so with discretion, valuing and celebrating all our personal achievements.

As the weeks went by my confidence grew and Tom was able to identify when and how hard to push me in my physical challenges and tasks to enable me to reach my personal goals and reach my full potential.

I am particularly impressed with Tom’s wide range of knowledge in the fields of how the body works, how his exercise regime will strengthen, tone and improve my physical fitness, and nutritional advice on healthy eating to maximise my work out sessions.

Having embraced fitness it is now an important and enjoyable part of my life, I am now confidently managing my weight, increasing my core strength and maintaining my body definition in my work life balance. A scenario for success and sets a foundation for my boyfriend and two children, who also take this approach to healthy eating and exercise as a part of day to day living.

Tom’s personal training has helped me gain a healthy attitude to keeping fit and also to promote confidence both inwards and outwards.

Tom’s professionalism, health & fitness knowledge, flexibility and commitment to his work and clients set him apart from others in his field. Both his personality and encouragement kept me a loyal client.

Take the time to do something you never thought you could do, it’s amazing what you’ll learn about yourself.


Francesca Gleed

Managing Director for Sandcastle Nursery