Is apple juice good for you?

Yes we know we get vitamin C from apple juice however we also get lots and lots of sugar – on average there is 24g of sugar in one glass (248g) of apple juice. That is the equivalent of 6 tea spoons of sugar!! If we tried to eat the same amount of sugar that is in one glass of apple juice compared to actual apples we would have to eat 2 and a half apples. If you ate 2 and a half apples most people would start to feel quite full however when we drink our glass of apple juice this does not have the same satisfying feeling…..why? Because we are taking a perfectly good, healthy apple which is full of fibre (which make us full) and juicing it, meaning we only take the sugar out of it – one of the main causes of diabetes and obesity………..which option do you choose? I would take the real apple any day.