The Benefits Of Postnatal Exercise

Help restore muscle strength and firm up your body Make you less tired because it raises your energy level and improves your sense of wellbeing Promote weight loss Improve your cardiovascular fitness and restore muscle strength Condition your abdominal muscles Improve your mood, relieve stress and help prevent postpartum depression.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Postnatal Exercise

Do – Always consult with your doctor or midwife before starting any postnatal exercise program. – Brisk walking. – Swimming. – Aqua aerobics. – Yoga. – Pilates. – Low impact aerobic workouts. – Light weight training. – Cycling. – Be guided by your doctor or midwife. – Wear an appropriate bra that offers good support. Don’t rely […]

When To Start Postnatal Exercises

Gentle exercise (such as walking) can generally be started as soon as comfortable after giving birth. Start when you feel up to it. Some women will feel able to start exercising early. Six weeks after giving birth, most of the changes that occur during pregnancy will have returned to normal. If you had a caesarean birth, […]