How to work out how much sugar is in your drink…….

It’s typically labeled by 100ml and the sugar is quoted in grams rather than teaspoons to make it harder to visualise. A standard glass holds anywhere between 200ml to 250ml and a teaspoon is 4 grams of sugar. If a 200ml glass of orange juice has 10 grams of sugar per 100 ml, it will […]

Try a food diary……..

It is becoming more and more know that diet and nutrition plays a significant part in your health and fitness goals. On average it contributes a massive 80% of weight loss in the UK, with this in mind why not try something new……rather than trying different diets and either failing or yo-yo dieting (putting it […]

Never Miss Breakfast Again With This Great Idea…….

Another question I get is how to make a healthy breakfast when you are in a rush or on the go. For this I would always recommend a breakfast smoothie. My little trick is to make up bags of frozen fruit ahead of time or use up fruit that is going off or looking a […]

Fruit And It’s Sugar Content…..

Fruit is a food group that can be confusing to low-carb eaters and diabetics.  It is also an area where some of the popular low-carb diet plans differ, as some depend more upon glycemic index or glycemic load, while others just look at the amount of carbohydrate. Fruits Lowest in Sugar Small Amounts of Lemon […]

Great Benefits Of Drinking Water With Cucumber

Helps Hydrate You – When you meet your specific water needs you’ll enjoy the benefits of staying hydrated, like maintaining the right body temperature, helping your cardiovascular system, and assisting in the cleansing of toxins. For the best results make sure you are using purified or spring water to avoid the intake of contaminants. Provides Extra […]

Banana Ginger Smoothie

Soothe digestion, heartburn, nausea, and other stomach trouble with the fresh ginger in this natural remedy smoothie recipe. SERVINGS: 2 1 banana, sliced ¾ c (6 oz) vanilla yogurt 1 Tbsp honey ½ tsp freshly grated ginger COMBINE the banana, yogurt, honey, and ginger. Blend until smooth. NUTRITION (per serving) 157 cals, 1 g fat, […]

Minerals, such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and copper, are found in both lentils and quinoa. But, lentils provide more protein per serving than quinoa does. You’ll get 3 milligrams of iron from 1 cup of quinoa while 1 cup of lentils provides you with 7 milligrams of iron

Calorie filled Christmas

On average, Christmas dinners can top almost 1,000 calories so you’d better be prepared to work it off the following few days!

Try a nut roast!

Why not give a nut roast packed with lentils, chestnut mushrooms and cheese. A perfect compliment to the traditional trimmings. Nut roasts can also help your heart health and aid slimming down too!

Mince Pies!

Mince pie season is coming, and although they’re supposedly chocked full fruit, they’re equally packed with sugar. So enjoy them in moderation! Each mince pie can contain nearly 500 calories.