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Postural Analysis

Postural Analysis

Correct posture helps muscles function properly, decreases abnormal wear of joints that could lead to arthritis, prevents backaches and muscular pain, reduces fatigue and contributes to a good appearance.

Out of 24 hours, approximately 8 hours are spent lying down or sleeping, 14 hours sitting up (breakfast table, desk, car, dining table, sofa) and 2 hours standing.  This may be one of the contributing factors if you lack good posture. However this can be addressed through massage, stretching and a change of lifestyle.

Sports massage can relax and loosen the muscles which are made sore by bad posture, allowing your body to position itself in its natural and pain free state. With ongoing massage, the muscles are loosened and relaxed joints have greater freedom. This allows the body to position itself in a healthy and natural posture, therefore avoiding negative movements and positions developed over time as a reaction to the pain.

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