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16 Aug
Drink Coffee
Coffee is a natural appetite suppressant. It’s low calories and has an added metabolic boost thanks to the caffeine. Just don’t add in a bunch of high calorie creams or sugars.
Drink Water
It’s said that the signals for hunger and thirst are very similar and it’s easy for your brain to mistake one for the other. When you feel hunger coming on try drinking a glass of water and see if that helps put the hunger at bay.
Brush Your Teeth
There’s something about brushing your teeth that staves off hunger. I’m not sure why this works but it does. And everyone loves clean white teeth so there’s that as well!
13 Aug

We often think that when we exercise we can eat anything and everything we want to. The truth is when you exercise your appetite increases, but the misconception lies within how many calories you actually burned while exercising. To lose weight, eating less is far more important than exercising more, what you don’t eat is far more important than exercising.

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